The Third Phase shall begin from BE 2562 (CE 2019) onwards during which the WB University focus more on developing the WB University as the virtual Buddhist universities centre. Encourage the WFB Regional Centres to develop WB University desk in their own centres. Develop interactive web portal to facilitate students to find favourable Buddhist courses from WBU world Buddhist study data pool. Encourage new applicable Buddhist researches. Organize Buddhist study workshops, seminars and conferences to disseminate and train on new ideas on Buddhist applications and propagation, particularly to the WFB members and WFB Regional Centres as well as educational intuitions and general public. Publish new works on Buddhism.
With a mission to empower people to experience the Buddhist world, WB University is investing in digital technology that helps take the friction out to find anything about Buddhism and Buddhist study. At dhammayut.org, the WB University connect everyone with the world’s pool of Buddhist information and Buddhist study courses – including everything from Buddhist lineages, universities, departments, courses, and scholarships, to Buddhist monasteries and Buddhist meditation centres.
dhammayut.org is a Buddha portal aggregator website and Buddhist information metasearch engine for Buddhist information about everything.
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