How WBU is Oraganized


The Rector (Honorary) is the chief academic and administrative officer, with overall responsibility for the direction, organization, administration and programmes of the University. The Rector holds the rank of WFB Under-Secretary-General.

The WBU Council is responsible for devising the principles and policies that govern the University’s operations, and for considering and approving the budget and work programme.

The Rector as an Executive Officer of the University also holds the position of the Council Secretariat.*

When the University expands to the WFB regional centres each regional centre should have its own Director, advisory board and staff.

As part of the WFB family of organizations, the University maintains close working relationships with other WFB headquarters and its regional centres, programmes, commissions, funds and convention secretariats.

* According to the WFB Charter Statute No. 1 amended on 22 February BE 2547/CE 2004

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